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Polynkov, who said Billy was in FSB custody, but he came up empty-handed. The following spring, after Billy had been missing for nearly a year, the U. After the November election, they wrote to President-elect Trump. Maybe his victory would offer them a new path. It was January , and Mr. Scaramucci was assisting Mr. He was going in the building to appear on Fox News. The parents were dressed in white T-shirts with red lettering. Scaramucci later said. Scaramucci had a meeting scheduled later that day at Trump Tower with Michael Flynn, who would be named Mr.

Scaramucci promised the Reillys he would raise the case. Six months later, in July , they boarded a plane at Detroit Metropolitan Airport and, as Billy had done before them, flew to Moscow. The federal investigators showed little enthusiasm. Yet with urging from an interpreter, they agreed to open a missing-persons case. The Reillys scoured the city for clues.

They reached the bank of the Don River, which coursed through town. They walked along the strand, looking at a photo on Mr. They soon spotted landmarks.

Reconstruction was nearly finished. Across the river stood the residential tower with its large clock. They matched the view of one photo with a stretch of beach on the Don River. The Reillys stood where it appeared Billy had taken the shots. Nearby were a few tumbledown buildings. A single-story structure looked occupied: wash over a railing; boots sat against a wall, drying. Men loitered along the beach, drinking beer and glaring at the Reillys. Reilly had found the Strelkov camp.

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They thought about approaching a man to ask questions. Their interpreter, concerned for their safety, whisked them away, and the Reillys headed home. Then the detective quit, saying a government source had threatened to revoke his license. Elena Gorbacheva, the photojournalist, said in an interview that she had phoned Mr. Polynkov months after they met Billy at the cafe.

Gorbacheva recalled Mr.

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Polynkov saying. Polynkov declined to comment. In July , after Billy had been gone three years, Mr. Reilly made an unannounced visit to the Patrick V. McNamara Federal Building in Detroit. Reilly wore a plain blouse and glasses, her steel-gray hair cut shoulder-length.

He wore a T-shirt and jeans. The Reillys spied the framed photos of FBI agents in jackets and ties as they passed into the waiting room. The woman behind the bulletproof glass asked why they wanted to see Agent Tim Reintjes. It had been a year since they had spoken with him. The Fireplace snack bar is a five-hour drive north of Rostov, off the highway to Moscow.

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He wore camouflage pants and a jacket with stars pinned to the shoulder boards. The name Bronya, the nom de guerre he had used in his brief phone call with the Reillys years before, was stitched on his jacket. He looked at a photo of Billy and jabbed a finger. Billy had bought a camera in Rostov and took photos at the Strelkov camp, Mr. He said he wanted to take pictures. Men at the camp forced Billy to pay their liquor tabs. Victorov said. Billy wanted to cross the border into Ukraine, Mr.

Victorov told Billy he could try a so-called black corridor, one of several clandestine border crossings that separatists periodically operated. Victorov said, Billy along with a few other foreigners. Before the men crossed, Mr.


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Victorov told them to leave behind the SIM cards from their phones because the Ukrainian military tracked the signals to pinpoint battlefield positions. Victorov said he gave Billy a helmet, flak jacket, shoulder holster and camouflage fatigues. It also could explain why, without a working phone, he went silent.

When passage through the black corridor opened, Mr.

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They went across the border. There is no record of Billy exiting Russia, according to the Rostov Investigative Committee, which had opened its missing-persons inquiry. It appeared to corroborate Mr. There also was an interview with a man who said he had met Billy in the town of Daryevka, Ukraine. The Reillys reached him by phone and email. They declined. Last fall, the FBI finally called again.

He asked the Reillys if they knew about inquiries about Billy from the Journal. Reilly asked why Agent Reintjes came to their house so soon after he disappeared. Did you all…? It was…. It was not, um…. Let me get back with Tim and get some further details. Agent Reintjes was there but said little. After that, Billy was to meet his parents in Poland, to see his Aunt Kathie.

He suggested the parents meet with Timothy R.

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When Agent Waters failed to schedule the meeting, the Reillys were relieved. The group, based in the Rostov region, helped Russian authorities in such tasks as capturing fugitives hiding in the chaos of the war in Donbas, he said. Prikhodko asked if there were fingerprints, and, by chance, there were.

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Billy had provided prints when he applied for his gun license. The state of Michigan made them available, and the Journal sent them to Mr. At a. He shared a document that said the body had been recovered outside the Ukrainian village of Dibrivka, near the Russian border, on July 10, June 24 — Billy Reilly has last contact with parents. His phone continues to transmit from Rostov-on-Don until July 3.

It referred to a male aged 30 to 35 years old, recovered a day earlier from a reservoir on the outskirts of Dibrivka. A receptionist transferred them to Agent Waters. The call went to voice mail, and Mrs. Reilly asked the agent to return her call.