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This is NOT a typo! It's just another Manic Monday, Badasses! I figure the best way to wake up our brains for the week ahead is by way of a pop quiz that tests your Badass Fitness IQ. There will be no official grade entered into your GPA, but it's always worth knowing whether we really know all that we think we know about fitness and clean eating. Knowledge and accurate information is power - specifically, power to fuel you along the Badass journey. Eggs should not be eaten daily because they'll raise your cholesterol. Dairy is the only way to get the daily recommended calcium.

You can work your core with: None of the above. All of the above. The best formula for losing weight and staying lean is: A mix of cardio and weightlifting.

A deadlift works which of the following: Glutes, hamstrings and lower back. The best breakfast choice is: Starbucks blueberry scone with a grande vanilla latte. Large bowl of Cascadian Farm granola cereal with low-fat milk. For maximum calorie burn, the best method is: Long endurance runs at a steady moderate pace. Interval training that mixes slower paces with high-intensity bursts of speed.

Eggs are nutritionally second only to mother's milk, and an egg and a couple of egg whites everyday will not break your cholesterol "bank," which is largely hereditary. Spinach and broccoli are also excellent sources of calcium. The answer is E. It doesn't have to be a crunch to work your core. When done with proper form, mountain climbers, planks and pushups all involve activating your core muscles.

The answer is C. The ideal is 19 to Over 30 is in the clinically "obese" range, which brings a whole host of medical concerns. And going below 20 - especially for females - can mean being too lean yes, there is such a thing! The answer is B. Multiple studies show that those who start off their day with eggs, for example, overall take in fewer calories throughout the day than those who start off with cereal or something else.

So make sure you're getting a mix of lean proteins, healthy fats and complex "good" carbs in your daily eating. You can lift weights two, three, even five days in a row as long as you break up which body parts you work. So think quads today, back tomorrow, biceps and triceps the next day, and hams and glutes the day after.

I lost 30 pounds in three months using the Lose It! app | CliqueClack Food

Muscle burns more calories even at rest than fatty tissue. Cardio like running and cycling is a great calorie burn and will make your heart stronger. But strength training will not only improve cardio performance, it will sculpt those muscles and build the lean muscle tissue that keeps your metabolism humming - while preventing conditions like osteoporosis later on.

Done properly, the deadlift works your glutes and hamstrings as you come up and squeeze the glutes. But it also engages and strengthens your lower back as you work to keep the core tight and your back from being rounded as you come up and down. Well, the blueberry scone calories and latte calories are calorie-dense and filled with sugar and the kind of carbs that will send your blood sugar soaring - then crashing.

And the bowl of granola is dense with calories about for a big bowl and sugar 28 grams for 1. McDonald's doesn't seem like the best choice, but that Egg McMuffin is only calories and has a good balance of carbs 29 grams , protein 18 grams and fat 12 grams with minimal sugar. Interval training that sends the heart rate up and down burns lots of calories and fat. By mixing bursts of high intensity with low intensity "recovery" periods, you're challenging both your aerobic and anaerobic systems, getting the benefits of both aspects of training at the same time.

Goodbye, Fatty! Hello, Skinny!: How I Lost Weight And Still AteThe Foods I Loved - Without Dieting

Indoor cycling classes , treadmill sprints and track workouts are a great choice for interval training. Badass Bookshelf - Women, Food and God. Does this sound familiar? Margarine is terrible, go back to butter. The best diet is Atkins. The best diet is South Beach.

Heavy weights and fewer reps are best. Light weight and high reps are the way to go. Out here in the universe of fitness and health, there is a lot of information. Some of it is just plain wrong. Some of it is convoluted. Some is right on target. All of it, put together, is enough to make the Badass Army's collective brain scatter in a million confused directions. Being successful in the Badass Journey has a lot to do with motivation and determination, but it's tough to stay on track without the right read: To start off yet another week, I present you with the Monday Myth Buster Edition!!!

I should avoid eggs because they'll raise my cholesterol: Eggs , nutritionally speaking, are second only to mother's milk. The cholesterol hype of years past has mostly died down, thanks to studies showing that eating a whole egg or two everyday is most certainly not going to put you on cholesterol-lowering meds. Eating fat will make me fat: Our bodies need fat to absorb nutrients.

That's why a spinach salad dressed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar is better than a naked spinach salad.

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The key is to avoid saturated fats and seek out "good fats" like the ones found in olive oil, flaxseed oil, and foods like eggs and avocados. If a female lifts too many weights, she'll look like a man: If she takes steroids along with those dumbbell curls, then yes Roberta might start to look and sound like Robert.

But I lift weights often, and heavy ones - 12 reps of a pound leg press, thank you very much! And I'm pretty sure I still look like Shannon, not Shane. The fact is, lifting weights builds lean muscle -- whittling us into shape, boosting metabolism and strengthening our bones to stave off osteoporosis. I can't lift weights everyday: We should definitely give our bodies a rest day, but you can absolutely lift weights on multiple days in a row as long as you're dividing up your program so that different body parts are worked on different days.

Glutes and hamstrings with abs on Monday, back and biceps on Tuesday, chest and triceps on Wednesday, quads and calves with abs on Thursday, and shoulders with core work on Friday. For a six-pack, I should do crunches every night: Give me 15 minutes, and I'll work your core without ever doing a single crunch. The key to losing weight is to eat as little as possible: The key to losing weight is to burn more calories than we take in. But our bodies are pretty much still the vessel of caveman days.

So if we drop daily calorie intake too low below 1, calories, as a general guide , our bodies go into "foraging for food" starvation mode and metabolism slows to a crawl. It's a survival mechanism. The best method is to feed your body moderate, sensible meals while exercising.

Skipping meals or eating carrots for dinner is not the way to go. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book.

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Is this you? You go on a diet, you lose a little weight, you stop dieting, you gain back more weight. Do you go through an endless cycle of counting calories and watching everything you put into your mouth but nothing ever seems to work? What if you knew that there was a better way to lose weight that is relatively painless and easy?