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He goes faster and faster and faster in order to fulfill what are really false expectations imposed by a culture that is largely given over to grave sin. Ours is the culture of a Serpent who directly or indirectly seeks to devour everything. Yet I would say that for disciples of Christ, the danger in North America is not so much the evil things that the serpent offers all around us though undoubtedly these are a danger for everyone ; I would say rather that we are being consumed by too much of the good things, the high standard of consumption that we have come to expect as our right and responsibility.

Almost all of us now think of luxuries as essential needs. Nevertheless, though very blessed compared to most people in the world, I was a driven, haunted man. In retrospect I see that Our Lady wanted to teach me something about this, and so we flew into Mexico City, several happy pilgrims dragging along one unhappy pilgrim. We arrived at Tepeyac on the feast of the Presentation, and walking onto the plaza in front of the shrine, we found it packed with tens of thousands of people, most of them poor native Mexicans.

The Little Beggar c 1939

And of these the majority were young families with several children. What struck me first, before we even went inside to see the miraculous image, were the miraculous images of God spread throughout the plaza, singing, praying, laughing, dancing, eyes bright with expectation, warm with fervor. I was overwhelmed by the heart I saw there on that plaza. Please do not mistake me, I am not trying to romanticize people from a simpler culture, nor do I underestimate the grave social and economic problems they face, and that many underdeveloped nations face.

But they are different problems than those faced by people of the wealthy developed nations. What I saw on that plaza was love—imperfect love, as all human love is—but love in abundance. And I saw joy. I saw that the children in their multitudes were the treasure of this people. And where their treasure was their heart was. And where their heart was their treasure was. There were many beggars on the plaza, and I recall especially a little boy who came up to me.

The Little Beggar

He must have been five or six years old. He held out his hand to me in the classic begging gesture, the open palm imploring a peso from what he thought was a wealthy tourista.

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I felt badly because my pockets were rather empty and I had nothing to give him. It was a moment of some kind of illumination. As I looked at this child whom the United Nations in its blind arrogance would call a geopolitical statistic, an overpopulation statistic, I saw that here was a human soul. Thomas Aquinas says that the entire weight of the material universe does not equal the value of one human soul.

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How, then, have we come to be so easily seduced by heartless judgments, come to think in terms of geopolitical categories of thought? The child realized that there was no money forthcoming, yet he just stood there anyway, beaming up at me, and his eyes were full of, for lack of a better word, a kind of delight.

I felt the same for this little stranger, and there was a bond of love lasting only a few seconds, a moment of a little heart speaking to an old, tired heart—and the old, tired heart speaking back.

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And then the plaza guards came and scooted him away. When I stepped inside the Basilica, like everyone else I spontaneously knelt before the awesome image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. As we went down on our knees before her, our eyes were lifted up to her radiant face, and there we saw a face in which Truth and Love are perfectly in harmony. Learn how. Translation Tips. We've combined the most accurate English to Spanish translations, dictionary, verb conjugations, and Spanish to English translators into one very powerful search box.

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The Little Beggarman

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Have a suggestion, idea, or comment? The Steward must be hanged by the neck until dead. Set him free! There stood the Jewish Doctor. I had kicked him down the steps outside my house.


The Doctor must be hanged by the neck until dead. The Jewish Doctor was taken to the scaffold; the rope was now taken from the Muslim and put around his neck. And there stood the Tailor. He came to my house to tell me and my wife stories and we choked him with a fish bone. It is our fault that he is dead. The Tailor must be hanged by the neck until dead.

And now the Tailor was led to the scaffold, the rope put around his neck, and he prepared to die. The crowd was hushed. At last there would be an execution. Beside them there stood a little wizened old man with a long grey beard.

The Little Beggar Boy

It was the Barber. He stood next to the body of the Little Beggar. This page requires Adobe Flash Player. He is still breathing.

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And he took a pair of tongs from his leather bag, and he took a pot of ointment and rubbed the ointment onto the throat of the Little Beggar and inserted the tongs and pulled out the fish bone. And the Little Beggar sat up with a cough and a splutter. Thank you one and all for being here to save me.

How will I ever repay you? You have tried to save me after I choked on the bone. First of all you kicked me down steps. And then you knocked me on the back with a club.

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