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Isabelle Huppert — the unapproachable

Time seems to stand still. Everybody is paralysed in a reflexive posture while nature and animals move freely.

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However, we can still hear people talking and moving, as if they were in a parallel dimension. The feeling is like being in a limbo full of spectres.

Three women show up, they seem to be able to move between those two dimensions. Those women are trying to do something we are not able to understand yet. Synopsis: Chilo and Omar seem to be the only two men on earth. They live on a solitary beach in Baja California, Mexico, and their constant activity is fishing to survive.

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Through their conversations and their relationship, the film explores and portraits human condition. Sophie Berrebi.

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Space and time were circles of circles; Hegel was to write at that point that the e Illusion Brought Me Here. The summer I agreed to write a text about the work of Mario Garcia Torres, I had planned to begin work on my first novel.

I wanted to cast art criticism aside, Sailor Shirts and Photographs. A Research Diary. Dubuffet and the City. People, Place and Urban Space.

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Metamorphoses of Landscape. Fondation Beyeler, Editorial, The Place of Performance. Stedelijk Studies issue 3. Full issue of the journal here The Place of Performance I remember Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker walking casually onto a dark, almost empty stage, save for an The Shape of Evidence examines the role and use of visual documents in contemporary art, looking at artworks in which the document is valued not only as a source of Temporary Fashion Museum, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam September A slightly crumpled white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, an untied narrow black tie, Tussen auteurschap en autoriteit — Het fotografische document en de kracht van het anonieme.

Picture Story. For Sven Augustijnen.


Newspaper Jan Mot n. Published in Newspaper Jan Mot n. Link to the essay in its Essays on Cultural Resistance, Subversion, and Diversion. Originally published in Paris—Amsterdam Underground.

Vom Umgang mit f Research project developed within the University of Amsterdam. Coordinators :Sophie Berrebi and De wereld in 18 lessen: Christopher Williams - Metropolis M. Originally published in Metropolis M, issue 2, February , pages Link to PDF here 1. This essay was originally published in Afterall issue 28, pages Link to PDF here It is not unusual for one artist to display admiration towards Curated by Sophie Berrebi